Eastern Promises: aka A Happy Day for Fans of Viggo Mortensen

“So here’s the pitch.

“We get, like, Viggo Mortensen — you know, the hot guy from Lord of the Rings. Let’s make him a member of a Russian mafia-type organisation — a freaky, tattoos-on-his-knees, hot ex-con. But Viggo’s conflicted — he could learn to be a good guy, you know? A hot, good guy. So we put Viggo in a sauna in a little towel. Then these dudes arrive to off him. Viggo retaliates! His towel falls off! There’s a ten-minute naked fighting scene! Viggo stabs one bad dude in the eye!

“What do you think? Think it would work?”

 David Cronenberg’s new flick Eastern Promises is due out in Ireland on October 26th and, in all seriousness, leaving aside my huge, em, passion for Viggo Mortensen, it is really very good indeed. Check out the trailor here:


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