This weekend on The Kiosk


Knives sharpened? Right, let’s begin. This week on The Kiosk (the arts and culture show I present every Saturday at 11am on Phantom 105.2), we’re reviewing The English Class, the RTE Office-style show that kicked off last week and is already attracting seriously scathing reviews. Once they’re done examining that, Johnnie Craig of In Dublin and Nick Kelly of The Irish Independent will also be checking out new albums from Cathy Davey and Robert Wyatt.

Kate Ellis of Crash Ensemble will be performing live on the show, ahead of Crash Ensemble’s 10th anniversary celebrations next Friday and Saturday.

Speaking of RTE comedy, I’ll be talking to Pat Shortt about Killinaskully;  the new series of the show kicked off recently on RTE. We’ll also have a competition for a very fine Kiosk goodie bag containing the most recent albums from Arcade Fire, PJ Harvey and Miriam Ingram.

Also, with Stardust on its way to Irish screens, Kiosk regular Peter Murphy will be talking us through the books of Neil Gaiman, the creator of Stardust and the Sandman series.  Here’s a clip from Stardust. 


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