One of the best videos I’ve ever seen — hello, Scroobius Pip!

Howdy. I’m just back from Cork where I was celebrating (read: drowning my sorrows about) turning 29. In summary: the evening, it was brilliant. The head, it is wrecked. Anyhow, what with all the imbibing, I’ve shamefully neglected my blog. Meant to mention the fantastic Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip gig that happened earlier in the week at the Village. Not only did they rework Prince and Dizzee Rascal, they also played blinding versions of their singles The Beat that My Heart Skipped and Thou Shalt Always Kill. These guys will be massive. Check out the vid.

7 thoughts on “One of the best videos I’ve ever seen — hello, Scroobius Pip!

  1. Awesome gig alright…
    Taking the piss out of British Hip-Hop was awesome…
    And his spoken poetry is really good…
    The fucking Prince cover was hilarious…

  2. prince cover…i can’t believe i missed it!!

    i saw them in teh street though and acted like an idiot.

    yay for the new blog 🙂

  3. Re. the blog, thanks, guys!
    Re. the gig — yup, it was such a blast. They did a song with a Radiohead sample as well… you should be able to check it out here…

  4. I really enjoyed their set in the foggy notions tent at the picnic. Last 2 tracks were Thou Shalt Always Kill, where they added U2 (are not a band), and the wicked The Beat that My Heart Skipped.

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