This week on The Kiosk

the-kioskHi folks. Plenty to come on this weekend’s Kiosk, the arts and culture show I present on Phantom 105.2 every Saturday at 11am. The brilliant Irish band The Flaws are live in studio — yay! I’ll also be speaking to Stefan Ruzowitzsky, the director of a really interesting, award-winning new film called The Counterfeiters — it’s based on the true story of Salmon Sorowitsch, a master counterfeiter who survived the Nazi concentration camps by counterfeiting millions of pounds for the Germans. Dermod Moore of Hot Press and Pavel Barter of The Sunday Times will also be in to review Marina Carr’s gothic new play about death and regret, Woman and Scarecrow. Personally, I’m in two minds about this play — it’s got a gorgeous set and fantastic actors who look like extras from The Matrix (a good thing in my opinion), but it’s also a very self-conscious play. In a weird way, it reminded me of some of PJ Harvey’s less strong work: while you’re watching it, you’re always conscious that you’re watching it — you don’t really get swept away by the narrative at any stage. That said, there were some cool ideas there and some excellent, bitter, true and very funny lines. I’ll be interested to hear what Dermod and Pavel make of it. Also, we’ll have a great competition for you (actually, I have no idea what the competition is yet, but I’m sure I’ll rustle something up today:)) and all the latest cultural news. You can listen to the show online by going to Saturdays at 11am. Sundays (repeat) at 8am.

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