Phantom staff Receive Threats

Garda Appeal: Can you help identify these individuals in the above photo?

Docklands Gardai are investigating threatening phone calls made to PPI Music Radio Station of the year, Phantom 105.2.  Staff at the station have been subject to a bizarre series of increasingly irate phone calls by an unknown man calling himself “Podge”.

“We had just got in from the awards at the Burlo and switched on the answering machine” said breakfast show presenter, Sinister Pete, “At first, he was friendly and we thought it was just another job seeker looking for a gig – we get them all the time – but the calls have become more persistent and threatening. I for one am scared.”  The presenter was inundated with obscene messages on this morning’s breakfast show.

Gardai have traced the calls to a pay phone in Busaras and have asked the public for their assistance.  They believe that the perpertrators arrived from some where from “down the country” or from “wherever vehicles in Busaras come from”

CCTV in the area picked up two suspicious gentlemen entering a local ‘establishment’.  Gardai have now released these images and voicemail recordings and are seeking the assistance of the public in identifying and bringing these obnoxious and dangerous individuals to book.

Meanwhile Gardai have received “real and credible intelligence” that the duo may attempt to storm the station at 22:00 on Friday night next.

Hear the voicemail messages for yourself CLICK HERE

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