This week on The Kiosk

Hi folks. LOTS of music coverage on this week’s The Kiosk, the arts and culture show I present on Phantom 105.2. Assuming Podge ‘n’ Rodge haven’t already torched the place by the time we get there, In Dublin journalist Johnnie Craig and Sunday Tribune journalist and superblogger Una Rocks Mullally will be in studio to review new albums from The Hives and Nine Black Alps, as well as the Libertines’ Best of. Ahead of the release of their new album, Myles from Juno Falls will be along to play us a tune. The Arcade Fire gigs will be reviewed courtesy of Phantom presenter and fellow Kioskian Derek Byrne. Also, I’ll be talking to Autumn de Wilde, a brilliant photographer who was a close friend of Elliott Smith’s (top left). She has a new book of photography coming out, simply titled Elliott Smith (Chronicle Books). I’ll be asking her about Smith’s life, his music and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his tragic death in 2003. Also, as always, Peter Murphy of Hot Press will be along with all the latest cultural news. Tune in to Phantom 105.2 FM on Saturday at 11am or Sundays (repeat) at 8am. Tune in on the web here.

5 thoughts on “This week on The Kiosk

  1. Charming!
    You know what, I think we’ll make this Arcade Fire review the whole show — what the hell, they’re a big band, right? Yes, that’s what we’ll do. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say, D!

  2. It’s your show, do what you want! I think I’ll go out and make a mess of myself tonight….and we all know what happens when Nadser asks Derek to do a review and he arrives on Sat morning a little worse for wear!

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