Bank Holidays And Being Sick

I hate working on bank holidays. And I’m always working on bank holidays! There was research published a year or so back, which revealed that when the sun was shining outside, students who decided to be diligent and stay inside studying got far less work done than they would have on an ordinary day. The conclusion I drew from this was that when it’s sunny, you’re better off giving in, heading outside, eating an ice-cream and relaxing. I think you could make the same case for bank holidays. There’s something about looking out the window onto empty streets or, if you’re working from home, which I am today, hearing the happy snores of your house mate in the next room, that is seriously off-putting.

Anyway, perhaps I shall shock myself into the day’s work by checking out my next subject for review: Turner Prize winner Martin Creed’s Sick Film, a cute little 20-minute flick which basically involves 12-odd people entering a white room, one by one, and forcing themselves to vomit. I was going to put an image up of this, but I thought I’d spare you the visuals. Martin Creed’s exhibition is running at the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Trinity at the moment. I’m still figuring out what I think of it.  Check out the info on it here.

Update: thoughts striking me while watching the Sick Film — 1. I now know a hell of a lot more about what people can do to force themselves to become physically sick. While some people need to stick their fingers down their throat, others simply arrive on set and produce avalanches. Some need to grunt, others giggle (the gigglers mostly give up in defeat, however; the grunters have a much higher success rate). Some run around a bit, puking as they go. Some people are not content to vomit once; they keep going — it seems competitive with them. 2. Some people must have been eating very dodgy things for lunch. There’s a LOT of pink/purple in the mix. 3. Most of the people forcing themselves to be sick look like art students/hipsters in awe of Martin Creed. Their pants are tight, their slouch perfected. It’s bloody hard to still look like a hipster when you’re puking, but by gum most of them manage it. Fair play, hipsters! 4. I’m extremely glad I’m not an art student/hipster in awe of Martin Creed. 5. It’s easier to watch some people vomit than others. 6. This is vomit porn, a private act made public. 7. I cannot drink the cup of tea beside me. 8. Is it art? Aw, Christ. Does anyone have an answer to that question?

PS If you want to buy a copy of the Sick Film, it’s on sale at the Douglas Hyde Gallery. For €20. I kid you not.

One thought on “Bank Holidays And Being Sick

  1. Hi Nadine,

    I often enjoy your writing and thought I might take this opportunity to say hi and also cheekily ask if you’d like to support a fundraising effort for a children’s hospital in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.

    Hopefully a few other bloggers, writers and others in the UK, Ireland and possibly farther afield will shortly be donating or helping out in some way.

    Any donations or offers of support or email-forwarding to people who might be interested will be very gratefully received.

    Hopefully you won’t treat this as spam!

    Kind regards,

    John Reynolds

    Founder, 4Basra

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