Kurt Cobain and Ian Curtis

The New York Times are not keen on the new Kurt Cobain biopic, About a Son. They reckon it’s a bit pointless as it adds nothing new to our stock of Cobain knowledge. I have to say, I have quite a few reservations myself about the Elvis-like Kurt Cobain industry that has been created over the past few years, what with the lunchboxes and the figurines and that kind of malarkey. When and where is it going to end? As for this new Kurt Cobain film that’s planned, with Courtney Love at the reins and acting as herself in the film, hmmmm…. Speaking of biopics, I went to see Control (directed by Anton Corbijn) recently and, although I liked the film a lot — it’s beautifully shot for one thing — I felt that it was incredibly dubious to assert so definitively that Ian Curtis of Joy Division committed suicide because 1. he was torn between his wife and girlfriend and 2. he suffered from debilitating epileptic fits. Now, while I’m perfectly prepared to accept that this might have been the case it seems ridiculously presumptive and overly simplistic to spell it out like that in such join-the-dots, we’re-right-so-we-are terms. Anyway, below is the Nirvana trailor.

2 thoughts on “Kurt Cobain and Ian Curtis

  1. Hi there!

    Just on “Control”, I had the same reservations during the movie, but it does say at the end that its based on his wife’s biography and she was a co-producer. So was Tony Wilson, which helped to bring some balance, e.g. the scenes with the Belgian girl, etc.

    I would make two other observations.

    Firstly, a movie is no more than a few hours long. Its the wrong medium ever for expressing complicated ideas.

    Secondly, that said, I cannot agree that it was “ridiculously presumptive and overly simplistic”. The undeniable facts are that Ian Curtis did take his own life, he was an epileptic, he was in two concurrent relationships, he was an intense and moody character, he did write some deeply disturbing music and he had already made one attempt to kill himself, for which he seemed to receive no psychiatric assistance.

    All of this is shown in the movie and indicates the different facets of this life. I think that the movie then left it for you to join the dots as you may wish. For me, I felt that he was clearly suffering from severe depression and was spiralling out of control (no pun intended!), resulting in the tragic conclusion that it did.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. The movie affected me a lot and I have been thinking about it as a result. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Thanks! 🙂
    Regarding the film, yup, I was aware that his wife was involved as a producer and I didn’t see that as a good thing, to be honest. It made me wonder if we were seeing things a little too much from either a. her perspective versus Curtis’ or b. what she wanted Curtis’ perspective to be.
    I did like the movie, though, I should say again — I love Anton Corbijn’s work and was definitely glad I saw this one.

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