This week on The Kiosk

Lots to come on this week’s The Kiosk, the arts and culture show I present on Phantom 105.2. Quite apart from the host of stars planning to descend upon The Kiosk this weekend to celebrate our first birthday, I’ll also be talking to Ronan Bennett (Havoc, in its Third Year, The Catastrophist) about his new novel Zugzwang and Sara Keating of The Irish Times and playwright Alec MacAllister will be in to review the book. Also, I’ll be speaking to comedian and Naked Camera star PJ Gallagher ahead of the release of his new live DVD, Live! Take After Yourself and Be Smile. As always, the fabulous Peter Murphy of Hot Press will be in with all the latest arts and cultural news. Tune in to The Kiosk on Phantom 105.2 FM on Saturdays at 11am or Sundays (repeat) at 8am. Tune in on the web at

Below, here’s one of my favourite Naked Camera clips — the time when George Hook got a little more than he bargained for from his zany taxi-driver…

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