Fionn Regan

It’s official: Rolling Stone magazine like one Mr Fionn Regan Check out their quite glowing review here. When Regan’s album appeared last year, I wasn’t that inclined to take much notice of it, since — while I do love singer-songwriters — I’d started to feel exhausted by the sheer, overwhelming, lost-love-pining, guitar-strumming numbers of them. But his album is rather special. I interviewed him once and he told me a story about a museum devoted to hairbrushes. At least I think that was what it was about — it was all a little random:-)

5 thoughts on “Fionn Regan

  1. I felt exactly the same when I got the album (“Yawn. Another singer songwriter”) but he really does have something special going on.
    You’ve reminded me of an interview with him that was riddled (literally) with all kinds of odd observations. Must dig that up…

  2. I loved him from the get-go. In fact, I think I killed The End of History by playing it non-stop for weeks on end. I H*E*A*R*T Fionn. Did you see Vanity Fair likes him as well as Rolling Stone?

  3. I think Fionn has a really unique songwriting style, he seems to be everywhere at the moment too, Vanity Fair included him in a photo spread on Folk recently.

  4. No, I didn’t see that. Is it in the current issue of Vanity Fair? Must check it out. I usually buy it, but I’ve cut down recently due to the giant stack of magazines sitting unread in one corner of my room…

  5. He’s about the only modern strummy, folky type that would make it onto my mp3.

    Which is saying something, seeing as all week i’ve been listening to Kyuss…

    He has a kind of nick drakey type thing going on in some songs. ‘Put a penny in the slot’ always reminds me of ‘Free Ride’.

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