Bob Dylan

Headed down to the launch of the Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour on Phantom (9pm, Sunday nights, from November 11th, more details here) last night. Bob sadly couldn’t make it, but apparently Serj Tankian (System of a Down) was there — how on earth did I miss him?? Lots of journos, musicians and hardcore Bob Dylan fans there as well, most of them completely fluent in Dylanese and putting me to shame, it must be said. Speaking of Phantom Bob, Phantom music master John Caddell and Hot Press journalist Peter Murphy will on The Kiosk this Saturday (11am) to have a chat about Bob Dylan’s life and career. Also, since every hard rocker in town seems to be bringing out a music biography, we’re going to have a music biog special — Neil Dunphy of The Sunday Tribune and Sinead Gleeson of The Irish Times will be talking about Eric Clapton’s new autobiography, Slash’s new tome and their favourite music biogs. Personally, I liked Bob Dylan’s Chronicles a lot and really, really liked the Anthony Kiedis autobiography Scar Tissue — stayed up half the night to read that one. I’ve also been meaning to read The Dirt by Neil Strauss for ages, but when you get paid to read books, sometimes it becomes oddly difficult to read books when you’re not being paid. Ridiculous, but true.

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