Beowulf — the new Superhero

Just saw Beowulf — and I’m pleased to report that it’s suprisingly good. I had qualms when I heard that the press screening was being scheduled so close to the actual release of the film on November 16th (always a bad sign) and that there appeared to be only one press screening (an even worse sign). But fair play to Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction) and Neil Gaiman (just about everything) — they managed to thread a very interesting course through the poem. And Angelina Jolie is clearly perfectly cast as Grendel’s mamma, the woman who bewitches every dude she sees. Mind you, her accent sounds bizarre and she looks a world away from the description in the original, but hey, that’s Hollywood, right? Here’s the trailer:

6 thoughts on “Beowulf — the new Superhero

  1. Was a bit doubtful when I saw the trailer a few weeks ago but will give it a look. CGI looks fantastic and modelled to match the voice talent….except for a tall and muscular Ray Winstone although I cant see him complaining;-)

  2. I enjoyed it too, especially the 3-D stuff. Grendel was a brilliant monster – completely chaotic.
    I knew nothing about it going in, so when the credits came up and I saw Ray Winstone’s name I was thinking, who did he play? I had watched the whole thing thinking Beowulf was Sean Bean’s digital avatar….

  3. Thanks Adam! Hopefully it’ll go well. I’ve been a bit slow on the blogging front as a result of the job change, but should get back to it soon. It’s sort of addictive, this blogging lark…

  4. You can say that again – if only it paid!

    You can usually tell how busy I am by the regularity (or otherwise) of posts on my blog – there’s probably some kind of inverse correlation that could be drawn up between the amount of posts made and real work I’ve got to do at any given time.

    That said I’m going out of my way to try and write more lately – I have plenty of topics I want to cover but just need to sit down and churn them out!

  5. Just to go back on the topic of Beowulf – I’ve not seen it yet but I have to laugh when I watch the trailer… surprise surprise, Ray Winstone playing a cockney yet again!

    “Oym Beowulf, an’ oym heor fow yo’ Monn-stahhh”

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