Fag-hag, moi?

Am off to see Panti (aka Rory O’Neill) tomorrow night (well, technically tonight, I guess) in the Project Arts Centre. I had the pleasure of interviewing Rory not once, but twice, last week — very nice, interesting guy — although ridiculously good at navigating his way around probing questions, damn him:-) Anyway, there are more details on his/her very fun-sounding show, All Dolled Up, here. The show runs from November 21st to November 24th. My favourite quote from the interviews we did came when I asked Rory if guys ever wanted to date Panti rather than Rory and how he reacted. The reply? “It’s Rory that’s looking for a life partner, not Panti. But if some super-hot guy wants to hit on Panti, well, I might indulge him.” Would that we all had a couple of alter-egos…

Update: the show was amazing, even if we did have the misfortune to arrive so late that we had to sit in the front row. Yes, that would be the same front row where Panti picks on different people and takes the piss out of them, even as a dude with a video camera films the whole thing. Approximately thirty seconds into the show I had to tell the audience my name as Panti dissected my dress sense. She said she was delighted I felt so comfortable about seeing her that I hadn’t bothered to dress up. I now know what it feels like to have an entire audience crane their necks to see what god-awful outfit I was wearing — lovely, just lovely:-)Thanks, Rory! Panti did some good lip-synching, but it was her story that was the really important part of the show. She told quite a few funny stories about tranny-chasers and her time with odd boyfriends, but the show takes a serious turn towards the end — and the shift in tone is brilliantly managed. The show is just an hour long, but it packs a major punch. If you’re open-minded (or even if you’re not), go check it out…

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