Russell Brand, where is the love?

Russell, where is the love? Where, I ask you? Try as I might, Russell Brand is steadfastly refusing to appear on this weekend’s The Kiosk. I believe he is scared of me. Truly. Scared. Fred, Russell’s publicist/manager dude, and I are practically best friends now — we chat all the time as I try to convince Fred that Phantom is the perfect place for Russell to spend a Saturday morning. In an effort to help me, half the weekend newsteam and the Kiosk production team — what troopers! — have sworn that they will offer up their bodies to Russell — and they believe that I should say this to Fred in an email. But I think this may be unprofessional. (It is unprofessional, right?) However. We shall see. Desperate times etc. Anyway, just so’s you know, Russell Brand has a new book out, the interestingly titled My Booky Wook and he’s also doing a book signing at Eason of O’Connell St. this Saturday at 3pm. I will not be attending, however. Because I will be sulking.

Here’s Brand on Jonathan Ross:

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