This Week on The Kiosk: Eat Me, Drink Me

This week on The Kiosk, I’ll be speaking to the wonderful White Rabbit from the upcoming Alice in Wonderland production at the Helix. When not being the White Rabbit, the actor in question is the very talented Michael James Ford — also known for playing Anne Hathoway’s father in Becoming Jane. Also, former Pogues member Cait O’Riordan and Johnnie Craig of In Dublin will be in to dissect the new DVD from Tommy Tiernan, the new live album from Damien Rice and the D-Sides album from Gorillaz. Peter Murphy of Hot Press will be along to chat about the Kindle, the brilliant-sounding new e-book reader, and Pavel Barter will be in to talk about the best games and games consoles to buy this Christmas. Tune in Saturday at 11am or check out the repeat on Sunday at 8am.

In honour of the White Rabbit’s appearance, here’s a clip inspired by the amazing Lewis Carroll:

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