Too much work…

….makes for a very cross blogger! On the plus side, I’m heading off to see the brilliant Dark Room Notes tomorrow night. They’re one of my favourite Irish bands at the moment — brilliant tunes, great indie pop. In fact, if truth be told, although they’d probably be irritated to hear it, Dark Room Notes remind me a little bit of Captain. (I appear to be alone in my love of Captain; they’re just that bit too pop for the indie crowd.) Onto the harder stuff: I’ve also been listening fairly relentlessly to the fantastic Saul Williams remix of Nine Inch Nails’ Gunshots by Computer — it’s about ninety seconds long and it’s amazing — sorta like Rage Against the Machine crossed with Dizzee Rascal. I’m also liking the new Sigur Ros album very much, even if some of the singing does bear an unfortunate resemblance to the yowlings of Fraser, our posh — ‘I don’t do leftovers’ — and unfeasibly fluffy neighbourhood cat. Finally, having read the Russell Brand book over the weekend, I have come to the conclusion that Russell Brand is callously using his audience to fund his next expensive house: in the last chapter of the book, having spent about 300 pages writing in a mostly uninteresting fashion about his childhood and various addictions, he reveals that all the interesting stuff — his rise to the top, his friendships with the stars etc. — will be revealed in his next book. Thanks for nothing, Russell.

 Dark Room Notes:

 And Captain:

And finally, both of the above make me think of this band. Yes, I know, it is weird…

3 thoughts on “Too much work…

  1. DRN to Prefab Sprout- definitely too much work;-)
    Can’t wait to see DRN in Whelans- their manager sent me on the link for the Shake Shake My Ceiling video with a very animated Camera!

  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with Captain, I think they’re a great pop band and love their album – although I have had the same kind of raised eyebrows look from several people when I’ve mentioned it!

    They were great in Whelan’s about a year and a half ago. And then they supported The Feeling at their Ambassador gig. Oh, maybe that’s why..

    *penny drops*

  3. Hi Lauren,
    Yes, I missed that gig in Whelan’s unfortunately… and I didn’t know about The Feeling support gig — oh dear…why, oh why would they agree to support them?
    Tim — DRN were great in The Globe — despite the venue not exactly being the perfect place to see them. And the gig not starting til half eleven… I’m going to try to catch them in Whelan’s on the 22nd myself — should be a great gig!

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