The Sunday Times’s Irish Style section

Am I the only one disappointed by the quality of the new section? According to the Style cover, Antonia Campbell-Hughes is ‘Ireland’s Indie Queen’. Em, why? She seems like a very nice girl ‘n’ all, but not exactly an ‘Indie Queen’ (whatever that is). Overall both of the Irish sections so far have come across as under-researched and fairly hastily cobbled together. A shame, really, and a bit of a missed opportunity given how many interesting artists are coming out of the Irish — and particularly Dublin — scene at the moment…*

* In the interests of fairness, I suppose I should say that I do work in this area myself: see here.

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Times’s Irish Style section

  1. Yeah the whole thing seemed kind of trashy. Most of it was about wealth and not style (I mean, a feature on how you’re nobody unless you have a helicopter? Come on!)

  2. I thought the style section was always about wealth and not ‘style’.

    It usually goes straight onto the floor while I devour the culture section.

    The first Irish Style edition a couple of months ago was pretty lazy too.

  3. The Style section used to be cool and tongue in cheek (especially in TPT’s day), but now it has just ascended up its own ass, forgetting that when you’re talking about over the top fashion and style culture, a certain amount of irony is healthy.

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