Kevin Myers Shouting on The Kiosk

For those of you who missed Kevin Myers shouting at me on air last Saturday, you might be interested to hear that a podcast of it will be made available here very shortly. It seems that the delightful Kevin has no problem at all when Podge ‘n’ Rodge ask him about the column in which he referred to the children of unmarried mothers as bastards, but can’t seem to handle it when a real person asks him about it. Hmmm… I wonder what that says about Kevin’s relationship to the real world?

6 thoughts on “Kevin Myers Shouting on The Kiosk

  1. If he relates to two puppets better than people then surely that makes him a muppet! He reminds me of Beaker actually- me me me me me me me me me!!
    I’m curious why he actually left the article out of the book- since most people already know about it he could have used it to explain his reasoning at the time. Anyway, he is wrong about not being a comedian…that is the hardest I have laughed in a long time!

  2. Things I learned today: Kevin Myers only likes to have discussions when he has been informed in advance of all topics due to be raised.

    Well handled, by the way, I thought for a minute you were going to wuss out but you quite calmly pointed out why the question was raised and pointed out how he had squandered his chance to make a valid point rather than sound like a prissy little bitch.

    Good game!

  3. Thanks Adam!
    You know what the strangest thing was? I rang Kevin Myers on Friday and offered to go through the interview topics with him — he declined, said he liked things to be “spontaneous”. I thought, great, grand, we’ll go with that then. Then, after the interview on Saturday, Myers rang his various people to complain that he had been “hijacked” on air. He never told them about my phone call to him on Friday.

  4. Well done indeed Nadine – cool, calm and collected under pressure! His outrage and splutter when you insisted on your right to be a journalist, as opposed a compliant vehicle for marketing his book, is a sign of the times.

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