Christmas this year has been mostly about…

The flu — evil, horrible, long-lasting flu. From my bed, I curse you!

Kerbdog — caught them at the Village just before Christmas. Particularly loved the encore of Sally, but the whole gig had an amazing energy. Crowd-surfing and everything!

Watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bad Santa and lots of music videos.

Reading The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and The Granta Book of Short Stories.

Meeting old friends and best friends.

Making New Year’s resolutions.  One of those resolutions is that I must learn to drive. God help the neighbourhood.

Discovering the rumour doing the rounds at home that I was dating Keith Barry, the magician. Em, wot?:-)

Realising that Trivial Pursuit, the English version, is absolute rubbish. Sample arts question: “What is Anne’s surname in Anne of Green Gables?” Now, I have actually read this book, but I can barely remember the character names in the book I’m currently reading, not to mind one I read 15-odd years ago. (For the record, the answer was Shirley.)

Eating. Lots of mindless, relentless eating.

Wishing that Christmas was just a little bit longer.

Here’s Kerbdog with Sally:

5 thoughts on “Christmas this year has been mostly about…

  1. Ha! Similar Christmas here, except I played the Irish version of Trivial Pursuit, which is equally stupid. Sample question: What is the name of the priest played by Graham Norton in the television series Father Ted? Now I’ve seen those particular episodes at least three million times but could I even think of the first name? No. Answer: Noel Furlong.
    Keith Barry, eh?

  2. It does not count as winning if two-thirds of the opposing team have abandoned the game!
    Red, I’m still about halfway through it. Right now, I think it’s incredibly well written, but not gripping. Even though her husband Jonathan Safran Foer’s work is a bit patchier, it seems to have more flair and charisma to it. Not that I should compare them, I know — that’s hardly fair. But still — it’s what I thought reading it.

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