No Country For Old Men

I’m not sure if it deserves to top Rolling Stone writer Peter Travers’ list of the best films of 2007 — what about Eastern Promises? — but No Country for Old Men, the Coen brothers’ adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s novel, is brilliant — I spent most of my time at the press screening under my seat. Javiar Bardem is absolutely chilling in the role of the psychopathic murderer (and what a hairstyle, dude; doesn’t somebody in the Strokes have this style too?). It’s out Jan 18th.

Check out the trailer here:


5 thoughts on “No Country For Old Men

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  2. God, I want to see this film so badly. I loved the book, love Bardem and am in dire need of a good Coen brothers film- it has been a while. Unfortunately it doesn’t come out in Italy until the end of March…I think I’m going to go nuts with anticipation- and hype absorption.

  3. Colin — I suppose you’re right, but there was so much about Eastern Promises that I loved that I was willing to forgive it its ending.

    I’m planning on going to see No Country For Old Men again when it comes out, Red — I missed the first ten minutes of it at the screening because the cinema guy gave me the wrong screen number (resulting in a dash through several other theatres, a trip back to the desk, and an interesting encounter with a Polish girl who snorted and said, “ah, it would have been a man who gave you the wrong number, true? Men are useless!” before I finally got to the right screen).

    Ordinarily if I missed the first ten minutes of a film, I’d be annoyed, but not annoyed enough to go back. But this I must see…

    Oftroad — yep, I know what you mean about the CGI. It really wrecked I Am Legend. Still, though, Will Smith was great in it. And the dog — the dog was incredible!

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