Okay, so it’s a small point, but…

Does anyone know what it means for Mercury to be in retrograde? I’ve been reading about Mercury for years in my horoscope and I haven’t the foggiest notion of 1. why Mercury is important to my life and 2. why it being retrograde appears to be a bad thing. Nobody I know know what it means either.

 And, no, I don’t believe in horoscopes. But I do love reading them. My favourite is probably the Vanity Fair one, followed by the Observer one followed — limping two miles back in the distance — by Shelley von Strunkel in The Sunday Times. That woman constructs the kind of five-clause, Mercury/moon-infested sentences that appall and enthrall in equal measures. Like a bird pecking at the ground, occasionally you find a crumb of sense — and it’s a joyous moment.

4 thoughts on “Okay, so it’s a small point, but…

  1. Mercury Retrograde – Retrograde just means moving backward.

    3-4 times a year the Planet Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky.

    Astrologist’s usually associate Mercury with communication, so Mercury retrograde means stuff will get lost in the mail etc. but it gets blamed for all sorts of other stuff like your computer crashing.

    I don’t really read horoscopes but I once read a Mystic Meg scope that said destiny was driving a white limo and I rounded the corner late for work the next day as a long white Limo pulled away from the kerb right outside the door….limos were thin on the ground in those days so I’ve been convinced ever since that I’ve missed my destiny;-)

  2. Shelley von Strunkel is a legend.

    My horoscope is consistently obsessed with Uranus 😦

    I’m a fortune cookies woman myself though. Got one at the weekend: ‘you will always be successful in your professional career’, which I am now struggling to stick to the corner of my computer screen.

  3. Thanks Sarah:-) That’s mad about the limo thing.

    I went to a palm-reader in Seattle when I was 19 who told me I’d always have two jobs and be really busy. I am at times slightly concerned that rather than having her predict my future I just took her a bit literally and went out and got two jobs:-(

    Una, I love the idea of fortune cookies, but they always let me down with half cut-off sentences or sayings like ‘A change is around the corner’. Never got anything as specific as yours…

  4. I never used to pay any account to horoscopes until I started using igoogle as my start page with my horoscope from tarot.com on it. I am now OBSESSED with it. It’s really spooky because it constantly gets things right in a really specific manner.

    I still think they are sh*te though. Um.

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