Tegan and Sara are…

highly addictive. I cannot stop listening to this…

I’m really looking forward to hearing the new album. I first heard of them through reading Spin magazine, but it wasn’t until I spent a night in Galway one time that I became a fan. I was there with a few buddies from my home town, one of whom had a boyfriend who was playing the Roisin Dubh that night. After the gig, we headed back for a little gathering to this lovely house, packed with food and drinks, that the Roisin Dubh had for the band to stay in. We collected a couple of people on the way — an Italian guy and another friend of a friend.

When we arrived, on top of the stereo, there was a mix CD — simply titled ‘A Neosupermix for you’ — left by Neosupervital, who had played the Roisin Dubh earlier that week. Intriguing. We put it on and it was just the most perfect, lunatic thing — packed with brilliant 80s tracks and unusual contemporary ones. So good was the CD, in fact, that it inspired us to spend the next three hours doing 1980s dancing. And, em, also creative dancing. The Italian guy was not great at talking English, but by gum was he magnificent at pretending to be an unfurling tree.

There were loads of songs on the mix CD that I never managed to identify (I’ve tried and failed googling the lyrics). But one of the more contemporary songs on the CD was this one below by Tegan and Sara. Walking with a Ghost. Loved it then, love it now. Just gorgeous. Thanks, Neosupervital!

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