Okay, so the plot might sound terribly television special (teenager gets pregnant and decides to give baby up for adoption), but Juno is, if not quite a stone-cold classic, then certainly one of the best films released in the past 12 months. Mostly, that’s down to two things: the stunning central performance from Ellen Page, in the role of Juno, and the razor-sharp dialogue courtesy of Hollywood screenwriter newbie Diablo Cody. While the dialogue is not at all realistic — it’s got that Dawson’s Creek stylised vibe going on — it is audacious, witty, inspired and affecting — and the storyline, meanwhile, is incredibly cleverly developed. There are great supporting performances, too, from actors Michael Cera (am I alone in thinking he looks a lot like Bell X1’s Paul Noonan?) and Allison Janney (aka CJ from The West Wing). It’s just out in the cinemas — here’s a preview:

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