Thoughts on nine days (mostly) well spent

Saturday Feb 2nd

Cupid strikes, scores! Go to my very first wedding where I have helped matchmake the bride and groom — the fabulous couple (ahem, if I do say so myself) Tony and Jane. A wonderful day was had by all. Congrats, Tony and Jane!

Wedding guests ask me to set them up on dates. A proud, proud moment. Am considering going to Ballybunion Bachelor’s Fest for second career in matchmaking.

Monday Feb 4th

Go to see the hugely hyped In Bruges, starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson and featuring the directing skills of Martin McDonagh (Beauty Queen of Leenane, Oscar winner for Six Shooter). I’ll write more about this one at a later stage, when there’s no embargo stuff on it. It’s out March 7th here, but it’s already been released in America — lots of pretty fairly written reviews here.

Tuesday Feb 5th

When a man on the badminton club committee offers to give you some training, and you are a complete novice with no level of fitness whatsoever, the stupid thing to say is yes.

Wednesday Feb 6th


Thursday Feb 7th and my first ever beauty press junket to Paris…

Paris is gorgeous.

A three-hour conference on body-sculpting is less so. Man who keeps Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie in shape was there. but he didn’t say anything about either of them, damn him. Begin thinking less about body-sculpting than about how much man was paid to stand on stage for five minutes NOT saying anything about Gwen and Angelina.

Post body-sculpting session, I am the owner of a white all-in-one leotard, with feet and everything! I’ve brought it home in case someone from another world offers me magical powers and I’m in need of a superhero outfit in a hurry.

Considering as they only had time to ‘sculpt’ half my body, the other half is feeling a little put out.

A glass of Chardonnay in the hotel bar of the Meridian Etoile hotel in Paris costs €26. You’d nearly have to be impressed by the sheer cheek of it.

Saturday Feb 9th

Weird album review section on the show this week. No one could agree on anything. Are Nada Surf deep or boring? Have The Duke Spirit just released a great new album or do they completely lack a sense of uniqueness? You can check out the podcast here. Throat was feeling horribly raw throughout, which leads us to…
Sunday Feb 10th

Putting child-lock caps on bottles of cough medicine is just plain cruel. Now, I’m not remotely muscular anyway, but I’m especially not so at around the same point in time that I should be in need of a bottle of cough medicine. Seriously, you’d need an axe to get this bottle open.

Listening to: Phantom.

Reading: Beautiful Children by Charles Boch. I’m hoping it’ll get better soon.

Watching: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (thanks Tim!)

Sleeping: a lot.

Thinking: must do holidays more often.


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