Everyone’s a critic

Just received an email on my MySpace account from one Danny Darcy, a singer-songwriter in search of support from me for his latest album. Danny has pasted into his email a review of his record, Building Churches, that he says was published in the Irish Times in February. Only problem with the review is, it’s a little funny looking. Over long for the Times, badly punctuated and unfeasibly glowing, one suspects that the review is perhaps not quite as genuine as Danny proclaims it to be.

I’ve heard of plenty more successful artists doing this sort of thing before. One Irish band were notorious for claiming that Rolling Stone magazine in the States just loved them — despite the fact that — and I checked the archives for this — Rolling Stone did not appear to have ever even name-checked them. I used to get really annoyed about this sort of thing; now, I have to say, I have a sort of grudging admiration for it. I mean, at least you can’t fault these bands for lack of ambition or gumption in the face of indifference. And who knows — if it doesn’t work out in the music world, maybe they’ll become critics:-)

After the jump, in all its glory, is the ‘Irish Times’ review that I was sent. Enjoy!***

***Edit: Sorry, guys. In deference to the critic’s wishes (see the comments), I’ve removed his review from this blog. Seems unfair to leave it there since he wasn’t the one to claim that it appeared in a publication that it didn’t appear in.

11 thoughts on “Everyone’s a critic

  1. Hmm. Two things worth pointing out.

    No one by that name reviews music for The Ticket.

    The word count is too long, even for CD of the Week. The non-CDOTW reviews have to be 140 words on the nose or Tony Clayton Lea comes after you with a big stick. 🙂

  2. The review does belong to http://www.redtrackmusic.com as stated by the first comment to this post. I’m a regular visitor to that site and everything on this site is 100% theirs and is in no way plagiarized. I’m confused though; did he state it was a review from the Times? Also he credits the review on his myspace page so why would he shoot himself in the foot with audacious claims such as this? Therefore making me think that you have to be lying and no one should entertain this nonsense. (If you do a quick search you will realise this in two seconds).

  3. Surely a review in the ‘Irish Times’ is the kiss of death for any band? What bands have they ever broken? Who reads that paper? (I feel a rant coming on, so I’ll stop…)

  4. Sinead — yup, that’s what I reckoned about the word count. Unless the critic in question is the Ticket’s new Hunter S Thompson, I figured it was a little over-extended.
    John — he did indeed claim it was from the Irish Times, as I mentioned in my original post. That was the reason for the post in the first place — I just didn’t believe that the review could have been published there and when I searched through the archives I couldn’t find it. PS Why on earth would I have any reason to lie about this??
    Edward, to be honest, I think a review from the Ticket does mean a lot. If a critic I respected from that paper gave a glowing review to an album, that would definitely make me more likely to check out the album.

  5. Nadine thats fair but have you an exact instance from the email for proof where this was stated. This is very interesting if proven and completely true. As regards to the review and the site it is located on I think the site is a great little music resource and something that looks to be independtly ran it needs more applauds then what has been given. It may not be the so called “Irish Times” but you got to respect what these guys are doing.

  6. No problem, Rob, it has been removed.
    John, I’ll forward you the email I was sent.
    Jim Carroll — jaysus, does half the world read your blog? Detective O’Regan is retiring from the field, exhausted by the numbers that have been sent her way:-)

  7. Detective O’Regan – hand in your badge at the desk please, your work here is done.

    But seriously, it struck me as odd from the get-go for one small pertinent detail – the review was dated Saturday Feb 2. The Ticket is published on Fridays.

    My own rule of thumb when it comes to Irish bands sending out press releases quoting positive reviews is to bin any CD which comes with a glowing Hot Press review. Works every time.

  8. I´m above honoured that you´ve spent so much time discussing me..I must be doing something right..thank you..and Tell Harry McGee I said Hi..I grew up with Harrys family..tell him there´s a copy in the post..and Nadine ..weldone..God Bless the Man that gets ya…ye´ll know every trick in the trade..fair play!…just a quickie..If ye´d fancy purchasing my album tis on sale at http://www.cdworld.ie ..click onto http://www.dannydary.net for a priview…goodnight ladies…Cheers Danny

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