Choice Music Prize…the aftermath

Wow. Last night was such a strange one. People had told me before that being a judge at the Choice Music Prize is a head-wrecking and exhausting process, but I had never taken them all that seriously…until the moment last night when we were shown into a tiny, windowless room that seemed just about perfect for fun stuff like, em, police interrogations. Without going into too much detail, the level of debate was often pretty fierce — it was brilliant to see the depth of consideration every single judge had given to the Prize and the nominated albums. To be honest, there were points when I thought we’d never get out of there, but we did make it in the end.

Congrats to Super Extra Bonus Party!

2 thoughts on “Choice Music Prize…the aftermath

  1. It is knackering isn’t it? And the job is to get a consensus result, which is pretty hard to do with so many different views, tastes, biases. It’s a tough ‘oul night for the judges, I sympathise, but you did what was asked of you all and kudos for that.

    I was exhausted last year. We were still in there at 10.40pm!

  2. Yikes. We did thankfully make it out before that! Having just watched clips of some of the performances on State’s site, I’m even more jealous now of everyone who got to see the show — next year, I will be returning to my punter status with pleasure!

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