Gemma Hayes returns

I have to say, I’m very curious to hear the new album…

Gemma returns to the stage after just finished recording her third album ‘The Hollow of Morning’ in LA. Co-produced by Dave Odlum it features appearances by Kevin Shields, Joe Chester, Karl Odlum and Paul Noonan.

POD Concerts presents


Support: TBA

Tuesday April 29th

Tripod – Old Harcourt St Train Station – Dublin 2.

Doors – 7.30pm

Tickets €22.50 & €27.50 (inc. booking fee) available from Ticketmaster, Road Records, City Discs, Sound Cellar and usual outlets.


Forgive my self-indulgence as I tell you a bit about myself. I released an album called Night On My Side in 2002. I recorded it at Blackbox, France with David Odlum and also at Tarbox, New York, with Dave Fridmann. I didn’t expect the album to get much attention so it was very exciting when it received so many honors and was nominated for a Mercury Award in the UK. So, I toured that album extensively and enjoyed every moment of it. I had the privilege of supporting bands like Sparkle Horse, David Gray, Mark Eitziel and lots more amazing people. Anyway, I wasn’t prepared for the spotlight and I honestly didn’t feel comfortable in it at all. I reached a point where I needed to take some time off. So, I headed home to Ireland, then left for France for a bit. And after I’d cleared my head, I slowly but surely started writing again.

Bla bla bla… fast forward to Los Angeles where I recorded my second album The Roads Don’t Love You. The title is taken from one of my favourite songs from Magnetic Fields called “Long Vermont Road.” I wanted to make it super slick and even thought about doing a duet with Michael Mc Donald but I chickened out (not that he would have agreed as it was just in my head). I was very proud of the songs on this album as they were pulled out from my gut over two or three years. But looking back, I wish I either went super slick or super raw with the production as it seemed a little middle of the road in hindsight. But hey, no experience is wasted. So, yep… back on the bus. I toured for a while again, ate lots of ploughman sandwiches and sour cream and onion crisps. When I finally got off the road I slept for what seemed like a couple of years.

This all brings me to this moment, today being January 25th, 2008. It’s rained for four days solid and I’ve loved every bit of it. I wish people walked in the rain more in Los Angeles, that way I wouldn’t look like such a loser. Anyway, I have finished recording my third album! I made it with my dear friend David Odlum. He co-produced and engineered it with such dedication and love. He was willing to work into the wee hours of the night and morning everyday for months. I must have driven him crazy as I remember him hitting his head off the wall a few times. Joe Chester sang and played some guitar on it and Kevin Shields played some guitar too, which seriously blew my mind. Karl Odlum and Paul Noonan also contributed their amazing talents to the album. It’s called The Hollow Of Morning. I stole the title from a poem by Samuel Menashe. It refers to that time, just before you fully wake, when everything is as it should be and you are at peace, something that only lasts a second before your daily thoughts kick in and pull you out of the silence. And the silence is an important part of this album, perhaps just as important as any instrument. Anyway, I hope when, or if, you listen to my music that you make it a soundtrack for your days, especially the rainy ones! Well, I guess that’s it. It’s weird writing a broad, sweeping summary of your musical life. Words just scratch the surface, like a nail on the side of a mountain. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Slan agus beannacht

Gemma X

2 thoughts on “Gemma Hayes returns

  1. Agreed. There are songs on that first album that I still think are amazing — Hanging Around, Back of My Hand — but the second album didn’t do it for me at all…

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