Seven days of a life

Well, it’s been sociable.

* Wednesday. Went to the Choice Music Prize, retreated to tiny room with 11 other judges. I could tell you about what happened in that room, but then I would have to kill you. Or Jim Carroll would kill me.

* Thursday. Recovered from Choice Music Prize. Recorded promo for show that sounded a bit like a frog croaking. On take eight, realised future career direction probably does not lie in voiceover work. Unless croaking frogs become inexplicably popular.

* Friday. Finished reading the wonderful new book Frontline (Faber) by Willy Vlautin in preparation for an interview with him. He was a total sweetheart. Check out the podcast here.

* Saturday. Went to the Blog Awards. My first time at this — totally impressed by it, I have to say. Particularly loved the brilliantly scripted and delivered George Bush impressions, Rick’s funny presenting and getting to meet so many cool people. Congrats to the winners!

* Sunday. Went to Cork city to meet the folks and back again. Sadly, my under 26 card has now expired so I had to pay the full whack. Those of you who know how old I am will probably now be wondering how this magical card had not expired a few years back. All I can say about that is that there are some wonderful, wonderful employees in train stations around the country who firmly believe that a gal should not be discriminated against for her advancing years. God bless you all.

* Monday. Wrote and wrote and wrote. I had this theory when I was younger that I would write faster when I got older. Unfortunately, all that’s happened is that I can type faster. “Writing is like a muscle,” an author once told me. “You have to exercise it and then it gets stronger.” Hmmm…

* Tuesday. Went to the launch of State, Ireland’s new music magazine. The last time I walked into an event and knew that many people, it was at a disco in my local town and I was 16 years old. Well impressed by the event and the turnout — and the magazine, on initial inspection, looks pretty cool too. We’ll be reviewing it, alongside Hot Press and Q magazine, on The Kiosk this coming Saturday. I’m thinking of calling the section the Michael Stipe face-off.

3 thoughts on “Seven days of a life

  1. Jim, I’m sorry to say this, but I think it may be too late:-)
    Una, yes hopefully it should be interesting — it has been so hard to find non-biased reviewers, though — it seems like everyone around has a foot in one or other camp…

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