This week on The Kiosk

Coming up on the show this week, with the arrival of State magazine on our shelves, and Hot Press undergoing a redesign, we reckoned it was about time we took a good hard look at the quality of the music magazines on offer. Our three reviewers will be putting the new issues of State, Hot Press and Q magazine under the spotlight and recommending which magazine you should buy. Also on the show, I’ll be speaking to AJ Jacobs, a journalist for Esquire magazine who decided to spend a year following all the rules of the Bible (yep, even those ones about stoning adulterers and sacrificing oxen). Peter Murphy of Hot Press will be along with all the latest cultural news. And I’ll be talking to the people behind the creation of 100 Minutes: 2008, ten ten-minute plays about the world we live in, currently running at the Project Arts Centre. All that and some great music too! Tune in to Phantom 105.2 at 11am Saturday (repeated Sunday at 8am).

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