3 thoughts on “Derek goes Disco

  1. Dear Nadine,

    Quick message to say how much I like your site. Not least because we publish both Barack Obama and Rebecca Miller at Canongate.

    And the Gutter Twins were new to me. Lead singer has a voice – like a cross b/n Iggy and Jim Morrison.

    I would love to send you this whacked our masterpiece we are publishing in the Autumn called The Gargoyle. Debut novel by a canadian called Andrew davidson.

    And I’m especially happy today because we just acquired the rights in this outstanding young writer from Dublin called Trevor Byrne. The novel, called Ghosts and Lightning, won’t be published until late Spring 09 but I think that he is going to blow people away. Massive talent. Think Fernando Torres on the page!!

    All the best


    P.S. You are so right about that Barack speech. I’ve watched it twice now and it is remarkable. Have you read his memoir, Dreams From My Father, yet?

  2. Thanks Jamie! Lovely to hear from you — I’m a big fan of Canongate. Please do send on The Gargoyle…sounds cool — you can send it to me at The Sunday Business Post, 80 Harcourt St., Dublin 2. I’ve already read the Obama memoir as it happens — we reviewed it on my show when you guys republished it. Fingers crossed he gets the Democratic nomination… I’d love to see him in the White House.

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