An unlikely sex symbol

People look up the weirdest things on Google. Yesterday, someone happened upon this blog while they were searching for a “picture of Tom Waits shirtless”. I have thought many things about Tom Waits in my life, but I can honestly say that I’ve never even considered the notion of seeing him with his shirt off. Still, for that person, in case they happen to chance upon this blog again, here is a video of Tom Waits. With his shirt on, however:-)




6 thoughts on “An unlikely sex symbol

  1. It occurred to me (somewhat belatedly!) the other day what the motivation for the original query might have been. I note in the lyrics for Goin’ Out West, Waits sings:

    I don’t need no make up
    I got real scars
    I got hair on my chest
    I look good without a shirt

    Now it all makes perfect sense!

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