Updates coming soon…

But have I mentioned The Dark Knight is great? Heath Ledger is very, very good, too — you start to understand the Oscar hype…


3 thoughts on “Updates coming soon…

  1. I’ll go to see this, but Batman is a duff superhero. He has no powers, or even a convincing story: he’s just a rich guy with a preposterous outfit and really naff-looking accessories.

    What is especially fraudulent about his current trendy incarnation is the ‘dark’ hero cache. The only thing ‘dark’ about him is his outfit.

    A ‘dark’ superhero conjures up flaws and conflicts. As in, he tortures people or is racked by some other form of conflict. Like Jack Bauer, who will do what it takes to achieve the greater good.

    But the Batman served up to us is nothing of the sort — he’s a clean-living, clean-cut guy with a square jaw who’s incorruptible: like the dad from the the Invincibles, except camped up in a rubber outfit (have you ever seen how physically restricted Bruce Wayne is in his ‘crime-fighting’ outfit?)

    What the hell is ‘dark’ about that? Even Tobey Maguire (in Spiderman 3), lets himself become slightly sadistic and taunting…

  2. Hey Adrian! I don’t disagree with you on the essential duffness of Batman — if I could be a superhero, he’s the last one I’d pick to be — but I think the triumph of the new Batman is the fact that they work his weaknesses into the storyline — in fact, the whole film shows up how idiotic his suit occasionally looks and how fragile he really is. In that way, I think Batman connects better to the audience than most other superheroes because he’s not really a superhero at all. He’s one of us. That’s why Christian Bale makes so much more sense in the role than someone like George Clooney — Bale doesn’t really grab the spotlight, he occupies it quite uneasily…
    To my mind, the new Batman is less a superhero movie than a thriller that just happens to have a guy in a silly suit in it.

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