6 thoughts on “The Kiosk this week

  1. Off topic but good call on Lunar Park on the radio this week. Possibly the most enjoyable Easten Ellis book I’ve read, mainly becasue the characters are in some way rounded and relatable.

  2. Really enjoyed the quiz this morning…have been spending the rest of the day trying to come up with bands that have kitchen utensils in their names….so far I’ve only come up with Fischerspooner, Coldspoon Conspiracy, and Jacknife Lee.

    Fun times!

  3. Glad you enjoyed! We had a ball too — thought our contributors were just brilliant — I never in my life thought I would hear Edel Coffey, John Meagher and Alan Corr sing No Frontiers in the style of the Killers live on air! Re. the kitchen implements — I’ve wanted to see if it was possible to do an entire music show containing only songs by acts that have kitchen utensils in their names — but I think it might be quite a short show:-) Still, there’s also Jam and Spoon, The Young Knives, PANtera, Rage against the (washing?) machine?

  4. Thanks, Ian — I was in tears at the end of that book — and I know a few other people were the same. I did an interview with Ellis in 2005 and he told me that his long-term partner died before he completed the book. He said it didn’t change the subject matter of the book, but to me it seemed like the whole tone changed…it went from a bizarre, funny send-up of contemporary times to something weirdly tragic…

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