The Kiosk this week

Lots to come on the show tomorrow. In fact, I would say there will very probably be a fight in studio on the reviewing front over the merits of the new Batman flick. Our reviewers will also be checking out the new season of The Wire, now airing on TG4. The Dandy Warhols will pick out a favourite track for The Kiosk’s Back Track series. I’ll be talking to Lavinia Greenlaw, the author of a brilliant book now published in paperback from Faber & Faber called The Importance of Music to Girls. Acclaimed classical guitarist Darragh O’Neill will be performing live and we’ll have a review of those Tom Waits gigs. That’s all to come on The Kiosk — Saturdays at 11am. Repeated Sundays at 8am.  Oh, and before I forget — we’ve a great competition for you too. Fans of U2 should be happy:-)


Noah and the Whale ‘5 Years Time’

The Dandy Warhols pick their Back Track choice

Tom Waits ‘Hoist that Rag’

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