Guns N’Roses shocker: the album is apparently great

See here.

Spin magazine are also fans — though not quite to the same extent.

I’ve asked for a review copy, but nothing doing. Universal say maybe later this week, but I won’t hold my breath — these days, with every big album, it seems you literally cannot get hold of it pre-release unless you go online, become acquainted with the Russian mafia and get a dodgy download. It’s ridiculous: floods of albums in the door from bands who are middle of the heap-ish — no albums at all from the likes of AC/DC, Metallica, Killers etc. It’s fair enough to say that such bands don’t need reviews, but what about the audience? And what about fair reviews? How is it possible to give a band a fair review of an album when you can only hear it twice before your deadline comes along? Or when you’re invited to a listening ‘party’ in a record company headquarters — so it’s you, the album, a boardroom and some potted plants? Rock ‘n’ roll, eh? Sigh…

7 thoughts on “Guns N’Roses shocker: the album is apparently great

  1. Ssshh..If I’ve had one drink too many and they’re playing something off “Appetite for Destruction” on the radio, I usually know all the lyrics (Here’s the embarassing part) right down to Axl’s particular way of singing the lyrics and I usually attempt most of the guitar parts. Ouch!

    Fortunately, I haven’t reached the point where I try and do any air guitar.

  2. Hey Una! Have to say, I’m loving Chinese Democracy– particularly track 3, Better. I’ve had the first ten tracks on pretty constantly over the past day or two. Never thought I would find myself saying that, particularly as I wasn’t initially gone on the title track, but there you go…
    Ed, I wouldn’t deny that I too have been known to approximate the Axl Rose “rusty siren” howl:-)
    Julie, I’d say give the new one a chance…you can check it out here…

  3. Better is the only good thing on it. But to me, the whoel thing kind of sounds like what you’d get if you cracked open Axl’s skull and emptied the contents into a studio… 15 years ago.

    It’s so over-worked on and out of date. Just muddled, I think. And I’m a GnR fan!

  4. “His ambition is noble, yet wildly unrealistic. It’s like if Jeff Lynne tried to make Out Of The Blue sound more like Fun House, except with jazz drumming and a girl singer from Motown.” Crikey?

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