3 thoughts on “Ladyhawke

  1. There are lots of 80s-music-channelling artists these days!!
    TOO MANY??????????!
    I guess in the 2010s, bands will be 90s-music-channelling..
    Ladyhawke sound is fresh and appealing, Nadine and I would say live their/her sound would reach new heights.

    A band I am listening to a lot at the moment are THE ACORN. Their latest album is entitled ‘Glory Hope Mountain’ and its European home is Bella Union; the wonderful label who gave us Fleet Foxes among many others.
    The album is wrapped in lo-fi lovlieness and delicate instrumentation, which grows and grows upon repeated listening.
    The Acorn are ‘led by the light of a melody’ and ‘Glory Hope Mountain’ is a truly precious gem.
    Please listen here:

  2. She was okay, I thought — not great, not terrible. Thought the sound quality of the gig was poor — her vocals were lost in the mix… but the songs themselves were great. I think she’s still struggling with the whole idea of being a frontwoman — she started off as a guitarist in a band, and she looked far more comfortable playing instruments than reaching out to the crowd.
    Mark, thanks for the tip, will check them out.

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