Battle of the Broadsheets — the Kiosk

“We’re going to MURDER them. And then laugh. Out loud. And point our fingers at them. And laugh again.”
— Jim Carroll

Jim who? He’ll be Off the Record after this.”
— John Meagher


On Saturday 11th December 2010 – It’s WAR as teams representing The Indo and The Irish Times lock horns in The Kiosk Quiz of the Year.

Phantom 105.2’s arts and culture show The Kiosk will host a special edition Christmas pop quiz battle on Saturday, December 11th, between The Ticket — the entertainment magazine published weekly by The Irish Times — and Day & Night, the entertainment magazine published on Fridays by The Irish Independent. 

Bracing themselves for battle from Day & Night will be John Meagher (captain), Eamon Sweeney and Nialler9.

Risking their reputations from The Ticket will be Jim Carroll (captain), Sinead Gleeson and Lauren Murphy.

The quizmaster, of course, will be yours truly, with Sarah Anne Murphy as the independent adjudicator and one Mr Johnnie Craig doing the math on the morning.

Armed only with their wits and their terribly short-term journalist memories, our gladiators will be answering questions like the following:

‘Which famous literary figure did Bridget Jones interrupt at a party to ask for directions to the toilet?’

‘Which Irish poet praised Eminem for creating ‘a sense of what was possible’?’

‘What is Hunter S Thompson’s lyrical connection with Brandon Flowers?’ ****

In the words of one revved-up contestant, armed with piles of NME back-issues and a slightly frantic look: “This is WAR!”

It promises to be a great competition – not only for the teams but for a lucky Kiosk listener.  We have a great prize for one listener who correctly predicts the winner of the quiz: a €200 gift voucher from EASONS. To do that, you can email Nadine at kiosk [at] at any time or text us in during the show itself on Saturday on 51052 . All we want you to do is tell us which team, Team Ticket or Team Day & Night will win the Kiosk quiz.  Answers MUST be with us before 11.30am on Saturday 11th December to qualify. 

****Answer A: In the book: Julian Barnes. In the film: Salman Rushdie

**** Answer B: Seamus Heaney

**** Answer C: His quote became the basis of Brandon Flower’s most misunderstood lyric: ‘Are we human… or are we dancer?”

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