Prince: the CD challenge

So I’ve decided to take on what may perhaps prove to be an impossible challenge: in advance of the Malahide Castle gig on Saturday I’m out to prove to committed Prince hater Conor that Prince really is deadly — and he’s just been listening to the wrong tunes — or not giving them enough attention.

With that in mind, I’m compiling an album of Prince material for Conor — comprising not just of songs Prince wrote and played on, but also songs he wrote for other people, and I’m throwing in a couple of covers musicians have done of his songs. I’m including some obvious stuff, but I’m adding some more obscure songs in there too — ones that aren’t so much about Prince crawling semi-naked across the bathroom floor (observe the videos) but more about simple quality tunes. (Mind you, ‘simple’ is not really a word in Prince’s vocabulary.)

Conor’s going to review the album, alongside Prince rookie, 17-year-old Robyn Maguire, on the show on Saturday. So far, with a large amount of help from my Prince fanatic buddy Adrian, this is the track listing I’ve come up with. Fingers crossed it does the trick!! Cannot wait til the Malahide Castle gig on Saturday.

Girls & Boys    5:24                  Prince
When You Were Mine    3:48    Prince    Dirty Mind    Pop/Funk
Starfish & Coffee    2:48    Prince      Dream Factory
Love…Thy Will Be Done    4:25    Martika       (written by Prince)
Sign ‘O’ the Times    5:03    Prince    2 Sign ‘O’ the Times    Rock
When Doves Cry    5:56    Prince & The Revolution     Purple Rain    R&B
She’s Always In My Hair    3:26                Prince
Darling Nikki – Foo Fighters     (cover of the infamous track)
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man    Prince
Private Joy    4:31        Prince
Alphabet St.    5:40    Prince       Ultimate: Prince    R&B/Soul
Purple Rain    8:42    Prince and The Revolution       Purple Rain    Rock
Manic Monday    3:05    The Bangles         (written by Prince)
Rockhard In A Funky Place    4:32    Prince      The Legendary Black Album

Crimson & Clover    3:50        Prince
Joy in Repetition    4:47       Prince
Bang Bang    3:21        Prince

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