Good news department

This coming Friday night, I’ll be gently setting three alarm clocks by my pillow and bracing myself for the earliest working day start I’ve had in quite some time.

On Saturday morning, I’m beginning a brand new show with the mighty Phantom 105.2, Dublin’s awesome indie-rock station. After seven brilliant years, The Kiosk, my old show, finally has no more tickets to sell. Instead The Breakfast Club will take its place, a new Saturday morning show in which I’ll be bringing you three hours of chat, tunes and excellent contributions from a roving bunch of music-heads, film buffs and theatre goers.

If The Kiosk sometimes bulged at the seams with its content, The Breakfast Club will have much more space — I’m looking forward to playing more of the music I love, and bringing in lots of deadly musicians, authors, artists and reviewers.

There is a certain amount of sadness with bringing one show to an end, even when it is to make way for a new one. Over The Kiosk’s seven-year duration, guests including Kate Bush, Quentin Tarantino and Arcade Fire paid visits to the show, and I’ve had some of the best times with brilliant reviewers and the great team who were part of the show over the years, including Derek Byrne, Sarah Anne Murphy, Johnnie Craig, Orla Ormond and — although he was never an official Kioskian — Cathal Funge, who has saved my radio bacon more times than I can count.

The Kiosk is a little part of my personal history by this point, a constant in my life when sometimes all else was in turmoil. When my Dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, I would do The Kiosk on a Saturday morning, with my little bag in tow, and then get the train to Cork and the bus to Skibbereen to spend time with him. Although the schedule, taking in my weekday newspaper job as well, was madness, the discipline of radio was a tremendous relief and a way to take my mind off things.

One of my favourite stories about my Dad — who passed away in 2009 — connects to the show. As my family tells it, one day, back when I had recently started presenting the show, Dad came to Dublin. At this time, my family didn’t have the option of listening to Phantom online at home, so no one back in Cork had heard the show. Always my proudest supporter, Dad arrived into the Westbury hotel, one of Dublin’s swankiest hotels, and informed the doorman that he was in need of a radio.

When the doorman explained that unfortunately this was something that they couldn’t supply — the Westbury instead prefer to have someone play on a grand piano — Dad was momentarily confounded. But he refused to be deterred. He turned on his heel and moved on to what I think was then known as Bus-stop Cafe on Grafton Street, a little coffee shop upstairs from a newsagent. There the usual collection of Dublin dwellers were enjoying their Saturday morning, listening to the radio (probably that Finucane lady, who’s apparently quite popular) and drinking their coffee. My father informed the waitress that the radio station must be changed immediately, because his daughter was on air right now, and he and his family (he had my mother and brother in tow) would like to listen to the show.

And so, without further delay, the entire coffee shop suddenly got to listen to The Kiosk — and listen rather intently, I would wager, as my Dad wouldn’t have stood for the sound to have been down low. As my brother drily comments of the morning they had, “I told him he’d better order a bloody big breakfast.”

The Breakfast Club kicks off at 8am this coming Saturday morning, with Game of Thrones actor Aidan Gillen, writer/musician Cait O’Riordan, and reviewers Eamon Sweeney and Cailan O’Connell. I hope — whether you’re still up from the night before or getting up with the lark (and the kids) — you can join us.

The Kiosk on Phantom 105.2 FM

Just a little post to mention a few things coming up on The Kiosk — my arts and culture show on Phantom — in the next few weeks.

Emma Donoghue (Room) and Sebastian Faulks (Birdsong) will be in for a chat — they both have new works of fiction coming out over the next while, and Donoghue has an intriguing-sounding play coming up in the Dublin Theatre Festival. We’ll also be reviewing some of the plays in the Dublin Theatre Fest and we’ll have some pretty deadly competitions too.

The Kiosk airs at 11am on Saturdays on Phantom 105.2 — that’s 105.2 FM on the radio dial and on the internet. There’s also a repeat of the show Tuesdays at midnight and Sundays at 7am. Do tune in — and text me! I love an aul text — it’s 51052. Email the show at this address: kiosk [at]

Songs played on Sunday Morning Coming Down, Jan 8th 2012

Hi folks,
Below is a list of the tracks (hopefully all of the tracks, though I might have skipped one or two) I played on the Sunday Morning Coming Down on Phantom FM on Sunday, when I was covering for Pearl.

Track listing

‘Oliver’  Gemma Hayes
‘Solitary Man’  Ólöf Arnalds (cover of the Neil Diamond track)
‘Ti Ti’ Interference
‘Frailach’ The Frames
‘Ships In The Rain’ Lanterns On The Lake
‘Undertow’   Suzanne Vega
‘Whole Made Of Pieces’  Jónsi
‘Shelter ‘    Birdy (cover of The XX track)
‘Hold On’  Tom Waits
‘Heatwave ‘ The Blue Nile
‘The Wizard’ Bat For Lashes
‘Deeper’   Wild Beasts
‘Bats In The Attic (Unravelled)’ King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
‘Saturday’ Sparklehorse

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Prince: the CD challenge

So I’ve decided to take on what may perhaps prove to be an impossible challenge: in advance of the Malahide Castle gig on Saturday I’m out to prove to committed Prince hater Conor that Prince really is deadly — and he’s just been listening to the wrong tunes — or not giving them enough attention.

With that in mind, I’m compiling an album of Prince material for Conor — comprising not just of songs Prince wrote and played on, but also songs he wrote for other people, and I’m throwing in a couple of covers musicians have done of his songs. I’m including some obvious stuff, but I’m adding some more obscure songs in there too — ones that aren’t so much about Prince crawling semi-naked across the bathroom floor (observe the videos) but more about simple quality tunes. (Mind you, ‘simple’ is not really a word in Prince’s vocabulary.)

Conor’s going to review the album, alongside Prince rookie, 17-year-old Robyn Maguire, on the show on Saturday. So far, with a large amount of help from my Prince fanatic buddy Adrian, this is the track listing I’ve come up with. Fingers crossed it does the trick!! Cannot wait til the Malahide Castle gig on Saturday.

Girls & Boys    5:24                  Prince
When You Were Mine    3:48    Prince    Dirty Mind    Pop/Funk
Starfish & Coffee    2:48    Prince      Dream Factory
Love…Thy Will Be Done    4:25    Martika       (written by Prince)
Sign ‘O’ the Times    5:03    Prince    2 Sign ‘O’ the Times    Rock
When Doves Cry    5:56    Prince & The Revolution     Purple Rain    R&B
She’s Always In My Hair    3:26                Prince
Darling Nikki – Foo Fighters     (cover of the infamous track)
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man    Prince
Private Joy    4:31        Prince
Alphabet St.    5:40    Prince       Ultimate: Prince    R&B/Soul
Purple Rain    8:42    Prince and The Revolution       Purple Rain    Rock
Manic Monday    3:05    The Bangles         (written by Prince)
Rockhard In A Funky Place    4:32    Prince      The Legendary Black Album

Crimson & Clover    3:50        Prince
Joy in Repetition    4:47       Prince
Bang Bang    3:21        Prince

Sunday Morning Coming Down playlist

Hi folks,
A few people were looking for my playlist from this morning's 
Sunday Morning Coming Down -- I was covering for the wonderful 
Pearl on Phantom --- check out her show at 10am every Sunday and 
see her show details here.

Anyway,  here you go -- I had lots of fun doing it up!

Playlist for Sunday Morning Coming Down 
Father Us    3:26    Marry Waterson & Oliver Knight  from The Days That Shaped Me
Wren    4:18    Norabelle  from the album   Wren
Frailach    3:02    The Frames   from    Liss Ard Vol.1
Joi & Karen    3:25    Johann Johannsson    from   Englaborn
Cruel Time    5:36    Owensie  from Aliens
Marz    3:58    John Grant   from  Queen Of Denmark
Most Beautiful Widow In Town   3:19    Sparklehorse  from Vivadixiesubmarinetransmission
Set The Tigers Free   3:24    Villagers  from  Becoming A Jackal
Revelator   6:21    Gillian Welch   from    Time (The Revelator)
He War   3:30    Cat Power    from You Are Free
Lost Cause   3:47    Beck    from Sea Change
Slow Dynamo   2:44    Valerie Francis   from  Slow Dynamo
A Deeper Understanding    3:25    Kate Bush   15/04/201119:07
Don't Let It Bring You Down (LP Version)   2:57    Neil Young  from  After The Goldrush
Dynamite   4:26    Stina Nordenstam    from Dynamite
July Flame Laura Veirs   3:48      from the album July Flame
Complicated Shadows    2:57  Elvis Costello
Aimee Mann3:34       It’s Not Going to Stop

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Battle of the Broadsheets — the Kiosk

“We’re going to MURDER them. And then laugh. Out loud. And point our fingers at them. And laugh again.”
— Jim Carroll

Jim who? He’ll be Off the Record after this.”
— John Meagher


On Saturday 11th December 2010 – It’s WAR as teams representing The Indo and The Irish Times lock horns in The Kiosk Quiz of the Year.

Phantom 105.2’s arts and culture show The Kiosk will host a special edition Christmas pop quiz battle on Saturday, December 11th, between The Ticket — the entertainment magazine published weekly by The Irish Times — and Day & Night, the entertainment magazine published on Fridays by The Irish Independent. 

Bracing themselves for battle from Day & Night will be John Meagher (captain), Eamon Sweeney and Nialler9.

Risking their reputations from The Ticket will be Jim Carroll (captain), Sinead Gleeson and Lauren Murphy.

The quizmaster, of course, will be yours truly, with Sarah Anne Murphy as the independent adjudicator and one Mr Johnnie Craig doing the math on the morning.

Armed only with their wits and their terribly short-term journalist memories, our gladiators will be answering questions like the following:

‘Which famous literary figure did Bridget Jones interrupt at a party to ask for directions to the toilet?’

‘Which Irish poet praised Eminem for creating ‘a sense of what was possible’?’

‘What is Hunter S Thompson’s lyrical connection with Brandon Flowers?’ ****

In the words of one revved-up contestant, armed with piles of NME back-issues and a slightly frantic look: “This is WAR!”

It promises to be a great competition – not only for the teams but for a lucky Kiosk listener.  We have a great prize for one listener who correctly predicts the winner of the quiz: a €200 gift voucher from EASONS. To do that, you can email Nadine at kiosk [at] at any time or text us in during the show itself on Saturday on 51052 . All we want you to do is tell us which team, Team Ticket or Team Day & Night will win the Kiosk quiz.  Answers MUST be with us before 11.30am on Saturday 11th December to qualify. 

****Answer A: In the book: Julian Barnes. In the film: Salman Rushdie

**** Answer B: Seamus Heaney

**** Answer C: His quote became the basis of Brandon Flower’s most misunderstood lyric: ‘Are we human… or are we dancer?”

Dr Beat — Willie White’s track listing…

This month, our Dr Beat musical makeover candidate is Willie White, who loves his tunes — but thinks his collection has room for improvement. He wanted banging, underground electronica, and he also liked the idea of having a few more female vocalists in his collection. Find out what he thought of the 18 tracks (all below) we put together for him on this weekend’s Kiosk on Phantom 105.2 ( at 11am.

Also, have we missed a trick? Let me know if there’s a track that you’d like to have seen on there — comment below or drop me a tweet — @nadineoregan.


1. Noise Control – Steel

This is the first single from Dublin five piece Noise Control – and, while it references the 90s rather than the noughties, that doesn’t prevent it in the slightest from being a brilliantly banging blend of electro and dance. Noise Control are also brilliant live – Prodigy fans in particular should love ’em.

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Dr Beat — Conor Pope’s track listing

Hi folks,

First a brief explanation: Dr Beat is our musical makeover feature that runs monthly on The Kiosk, the Saturday morning arts magazine show I present on Phantom 105.2, Dublin’s indie rock station. We’ve been running Dr Beat for three months now, and enjoying every minute of it, as makeover volunteers Jo, Aveen and Dick have either scorned or loved our musical makeover choices for them.

This month, our `patient’ is one Conor Pope — yep, the fierce (but fun!) price-watcher from The Irish Times. Conor used to play in a band, but now he feels he has gradually tuned out from music.

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Alias Empire

Well, they brought about seven million pieces of equipment into the studio — and I nearly tripped over one of their bags to hit the microphone head first, but it was all worth it in the end. Alias Empire — previously known as Dry County — played a cool new track on the show the other week. Keep an eye out for these guys — they’re very talented…